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Stefan Trischuk Aerosports is proud to announce that we will be using a new Pipistrel Virus as a support aircraft in 2015. This aircraft will transport team members and spare parts to the air shows that Stefan Performs at. The reason we chose a Pipistrel is because it makes use of the most advanced aerodynamic and engine technology to produce what may be the most efficient private aircraft. The Pipistrel cruises at 147 kts while burning 3.7 gph and has a range of over 800kts. Visit to see all the different models available and to learn about how this aircraft won the NASA efficiency competition several years in a row. The Canadian distributor is conveniently located in Whitecourt Ab. and they are happy to answer questions at




Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society

Stefan Trischuk Aerosports is proud to partner with the Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society (skahs). This is a nonprofit group that has come together to preserve Saskatchewan's strong aviation past. Visit to learn about the new aviation museum that they are constructing in Saskatoon Sk.

Border Aircraft Maintenance LTD.


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